Moving out? Try These Packing Tips

Enjoy your new home by making unpacking as stress-free as possible!


Important papers and belongings with sentimental value should be collected and set aside. Paint and chemicals can be hazardous to box and put on a moving truck. Designate a special area to store these items as it is best to transport them yourself, if possible.


Don’t make the mistake of letting everything get loaded on the truck in a random order. Even if you label the boxes, there’s no guarantee the items you need first will be accessible once your movers are done. Mark them as “last on/first off.” These would include bed linens and pillows, kitchen supplies, dishes, cups and cutlery, and bathroom necessities.


Take the extra step of using coloured labels or stickers to mark which ones are priority for unpacking. This will help you get started after you’re in your new place. Also, when wrapping delicates, put a piece of coloured tissue paper around smaller items. This will prevent you from accidentally tossing something tiny when you’re unwrapping bigger breakables.


Even if you’re moving liquids yourself, create an extra barrier by sealing them with plastic wrap, then securing lids and caps tightly on top. This tip can prevent spillage onto more expensive items.

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