Reflecting on your real estate goals: Should you sell your home?

While the COVID-19 pandemic presents many challenges, it also brings an opportunity to slow down and reflect. You’ve likely never spent as much time at home as you have in recent months, which begs the question: is your physical space aligned with your current (and future) goals and priorities?

Few decisions will have a bigger impact on your life than selling your home. These three questions will help you gain clarity on the topic:

What do you value about your current property and what’s missing?Make a list of pros and cons regarding the key features of your home and how it fits with your current lifestyle. If change is needed, is renovating a viable option?

How is your current location serving you? Consider the motivation behind moving into your neighbourhood in the first place – are those reasons still valid?

What does your financial picture look like? Are you looking to reduce expenses by downsizing to a smaller, less expensive home? Or has your financial picture improved since you first purchased, presenting an opportunity to capitalize on your investment?

Answering these questions will sharpen your perspective when it comes to deciding whether to stay or sell your home. For more information, visit

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