Savings for Summer

Now’s the time to prevent costly repairs and energy leaks; take time to examine your home’s exterior and you’ll save when summer heat hits.

Roof and gutters – Clean drains, gutters, and downspouts to keep those April showers from pooling near your foundation. Replace missing or loose shingles and check for any damage that may spread or cause weakness.

Windows and doors – Check that seals are tight and there are no cracks, tears, or gaps in caulking or weather-stripping that allow your refrigerated air to escape.

Dryer vent – Keep the airway clear by temporarily removing the vent cover located outside the house; vacuum all debris.

AC unit – Turn off the power to the outside unit, then get it ready to handle the summer workload. Clear away any plant or weed growth. Hose off or vacuum the condenser’s sides. If you haven’t had an inspection for a season or two, call your local HVAC professional to check parts and connections.

A few tiny efforts can make a world of difference for your energy bill and maximize efficiency.

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